Bees, Wasps and Hornet Removal

Whether at home or outdoors, bees, wasps, and hornets can easily ruin your day if they decide to sting. These insects are not only annoying, but can also cause allergic reactions. If they decide to take up residence in your home or property, you’ll need to be proactive about removal.

More often than not, you’ll find in these cases an expert is needed to help remove bees, wasps, and hornets from your home, especially when it comes to bees. Professionals can determine whether the type of bees in your home are honeybees, which are dwindling in numbers and are important to the environment. With this knowledge, they can determine if they need to relocate them to a suitable place, or eliminate them.

Another reason to consider calling in a professional is that bees and wasps can nest inside your home’s walls. Professionals use commercial insecticides available such as sprays and dusts. Sprays are not as effective as dust because they don’t get into the entrance of the nests. Dusts can only be used outdoors, as indoor usage can cause respiratory diseases, and it’s highly recommended having a pest extermination professional handle the application.

Licensed professionals can ensure bees nesting on the walls of your home are removed safely. They can even seal up the wall to prevent bees from re-colonizing in the future. While there are some instances where a DIY solution is possible, you’ll get the best results by calling in a professional.


Professionally trained bee, wasp, and hornet removal Clermont FL experts have the right skills, experience, and tools to keep your family protected from these insects. Bees, wasps, and hornets need to be removed if they’ve decided to invade your property, and should be removed using the most appropriate and effective method.

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